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Power steering fluid leak


Power steering fluid leak


Do you have a power steering fluid leak?

Generally a power steering fluid leak can be identified easily. You will either a visible fluid spill under your vehicle or hear a squealing sound when turning your steering wheel whilst driving. Power steering fluid is a generally a reddish brown so should be easily distinguished from either coolant or engine oil. You should check your power steering fluid level to see how much oil, if any,  has been lost as this will determine how serious the problem is.


How to check power steering fluid video



  Finding the power steering leak

In order to locate the power steering leak you will need to examine the power steering pump and the area around it for physical signs of the leak. The leak will be from one of 3 places.

The leak could be from a loose connection on a hose which carries the fluid from the power steering pump to the steering rack. Another area to examine is the power steering pump itself – look at the area where the pump shaft exits the main body of the pump. The last place to check is along the steering rack, this is the most common area to find a leak. 




Fixing the leak : when to use a power steering stop leak


If the leak is from a loose hose connection you can easily tighten the connection. Fill the power steering fluid reservoir and monitor the level over time to see if the leak has been rectified.

 If the leak appears to be from a point on the steering rack this is most likely due to a perished seal or gasket which is allowing power steering fluid to pass. This is common both in older vehicles or vehicles which have not been driven regularly. A solution here is to use a power steering stop leak like OIL-FIX. Once added to the existing fluid it will rejuvenate any perished seals or gaskets and restore them to their original shape and size. This will happen over a period of time whilst driving, usually within 200 miles. 

 If you are unable to identify where the leak is coming from and the power steering fluid leak is relatively small it is worth using a power steering stop leak to see if this will fix the leak. However if it does not remedy the leak you should bring your vehicle to a reliable mechanic.



 OIL-FIX will rejuvenate seals and gaskets and can be used as first stop remedy for leaking gear boxes, power steering or engines. 



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