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Alloy wheel cleaner

TTP Wheels is a rapid action alloy wheel cleaner that quickly removes brake dust and grime. TTP Wheels leaves surfaces clean and un-pitted. The alloy wheel cleaner is effective in hard or soft water and contains a powerful acid additive.

TTP Wheels is a highly effective acid cleaner. Suitable for alloy wheels but also castings and truck bodies. Removes brake dust, dirt and grime.

  •  Rapid action
  • Quickly removes brake dust
  • Contains acid additive
  • Safe on most metals


TTP Tyre suitable for alloy wheels but is also ideally suited to be used on castings and truck bodies.

Directions to use TTP Wheels

• Wash wheel to remove loose dirt and grime
• Trigger spray over entire wheel
• Work well in using suitable alloy wheel cleaning brush
• Leave for a few minutes
• Rinse well and dry
• Use a polish to add protection
• Repeat at regular intervals for maximum effect

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