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Premium Vehicle Cleaning System



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Premium vehicle shampoo

Quality wash & wax shampoo

Is a premium quality wash & wax shampoo. Due to the addition of a quality wax you are guaranteed to enhance the colour and shine of your paintwork.

Showroom shine

TTP Wash & Wax is a premium quality shampoo and wax pearlised cleaning fluid. Wash and wax contains a finely dispersed quality wax which deposits on metal and painted surfaces. Thus providing  a buffable, water repellent finish. Therefore a weekly home wash maintains that showroom shine.

• Produces a good gloss shine
• Weather Resistant – longer lasting shine
• Removes road dirt & grime
• Water repellent finish
• Effective at high dilution

Directions to use car shampoos

• Apply good soaking to car to loosen dirt and grime
• After through soaking
• Pressure hose or hose pipe to remove loosened dirt and grime
• Apply Wash & Wax to vehicle with car sponge
• Once well applied rinse off with clean water
• Dry the car with a shammy (Chamois leather)
• To enhance shine – surface maybe buffed

Technical Sheets

Watch video below

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