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Tyre dressing

TTP TYRE dressing is a long life type dressing and tyre shine.
Because it is an easy to use dressing you are guaranteed to get showroom results. In additionTYRE imparts a superb deep natural weather resistant shine.

The best tyre shine

• Produces a gloss shine
• Weather resistant – longer lasting shine
• Fast drying
• Enhances colour

In conclusion

TTP Tyre is a premium tyre dressing and a excellent rubber dressing designed to enhance the colour and shine of tyre rubber, door and window rubbers, plastic. The unique blend of solvents and silicons give a rich deep natural weather resistant shine. Tyre is easy to apply dressing – non messy and fast drying and to enhance the shine more it may be buffed once dry.


Directions to use TTP TYRE dressing

• Ensure surfaces to be treated are thoroughly clean and dry
• Apply to tyres using spray
• Apply to other surfaces by spray or cloth
• To enhance shine – surface maybe buffed once dry

Technical sheets

See video below

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