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Advanced thread locker range

Because of the large range of thread locking products available customers are often confused as to which threadlock to choose. As a result we decided to develop a simple range. Since we only have three thread locks to choose from the correct choice is easy. We have graded each based on its gap filling properties and strength.

fitter in front of Norbert Dentressangle red truck holding a bottle of TTP thread lock part number TLK2003      photo of HGV fitter using TTP thread lock on a bin lorry      fitter from VJ Donegans standing on mobile crane and holding bottle of TTP threadlike part number TLK2001      photo of fitter from UBU roadsweepers holding bottle of TTP threadlock part number TLK2001

T Lock 1

Super fast setting 1 -3 mins
Permanent Locking
Gap filling up to 0.5mm
Thread Locking Temperature range -55c to + 150c
The T Lock 1 is Ideal for retaining bearings, studs and threaded fasteners

T-LOCK1 technical sheets

T Lock 2

Thread lock
Medium fast setting 15 -30 mins mins
Medium strength locking
Gap filling up to 0.3mm
Thread locking Tempreture range -55c to + 150c

Ideal for sealing pipes, and locking of screws, nuts and threads

T-LOCK2 technical sheets

T Lock 3

Thread lock
Medium fast setting 10 -20 mins
Medium strength Locking
Gap filling up to 0.1mm
For sealing cracks and locking assembled parts
Thread locking Tempreture range -55c to + 150c



T-LOCK3 technical sheets


Thread lock Videos

Thread locks simplified

How to choose the correct thread lock





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Gap Filling

Up to 0.5mm, Up to 0.3mm, Up to 0.1mm


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