Spray grease



Spray grease which penetrates as an oil and then sets as a grease within 50 seconds

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Spray Grease

OG50 is a spray grease lubrication which penetrates as an oil then sets as a grease in 50 seconds. You can use OG50 as a cable lubricant or a long life chain lube. You will provide a lasting protective coating which is resistant to water, salt and solvents.

OG50 spray grease contains an anti-fling formula and with regular use will prevent corrosion.

Ideal for use on chains, cables, locking mechanisms, hinges, wire ropes and linkages. Perfect as a car door hinge grease.


Grease lubricant designed to perform

If you require a grease lubricant to perform under pressure then OG50 is the perfect choice.

It is used on the pillars of car transporter trailers. These trailers are often away from base for long periods and a long life lubricant is essential to prevent both wear and tear and also metal squeaking noise during operation.

Chain Lube

If you are operating a combine harvester worth perhaps two hundred thousand pounds then you will want to use a good quality chain lube on the chains. OG50 is used in this application where long life grease lubrication is a necessity.

Cable Lubricant

Heavy plant and machinery is one of the most demanding and unforgiving industries. OG50 spray grease is used extensively for the lubrication of cables and linkages which are exposed to the elements and working long hours between service intervals

Wire rope spray grease

Wire ropes on cranes need a grease lubricant which will last and perform under extreme pressure.

OG50 is used as a wire rope spray grease and also as a grease lubricant for the crane turntable.

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