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SOLDER-SHRINK join, solder, insulate & seal in one action


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Wire Connecting
Commercial Vehicles / Civil Engineering / Heavy Plant

ABS Modulator wire

  • Wheel Sensor cables
  • ABS Modulator Cable
  • Wiring to reversing camera
  • All exposed wiring for rear lights, sensors, flashing beacons where connections need to withstand moisture ingress
  • Connection of the resistors in the tank of asphalting machines
  • Ideal for connections on all vibrating machinery where connections need to withstand vibration
  • Used in conjunction with standard sliding clamps, plate clamps & ring clamps. Shorten SSK on one side and slide over standard clamp end and heat as normal to produce soldered & waterproof connection.
  • Any machinery exposed to salt e.g. road gritters

Wire connectors

  • Tow bar connections
  • Connections on air bags
  • Connections on oxygen sensors
  • All external wiring around engine compartment
  • Installation of car radios & alarms
  • Wiring on motorcycles
  • Pleasure craft & outboard motors

Wire connectors

  • Alarm Installations
  • Mounting of thermal sensors
  • Connection of diodes
  • All external wiring exposed to the elements
  • Sign posting / neon signs
  • Horticulture / Exterior lighting
  • Repair of tools & machinery


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