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Dry silicone spray lubricant, non staining DS-100


Silicone lubrication spray 400ml

For professional use





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Silicone spray lubricant

DS-100 Silicone Spray.

Silicone sprays were originaly developed for use as a protection for electrical connections in the automotive industry. Its function was to provide protection against water penetration and oxidation.

Why silicone lubrication?

Because silicone lubricants contain long linear polymers which easily slide over each other  they make for easy and free movement.

Technical information on Silicone, how it works and the pros and cons.

DS-100 is

  • 100% pure silicone,
  • Free from bulking agents,
  • Totally safe on sensitive materials such as gold plated materials
  • Safe on plastic and nylon connection blocks.
  • One of the best lubrications suitable for specialised areas such as curtain sided truck runners and roller door guides.

Silicone sprays are used as a protection againest UV and premature ageing. When silicone spray is used on rubber items such as door weather strips it prolongs their lives tremendously.

Automotive lubrication

DS-100 Silicone spray is ideally suited to use on doors, locks & hinges.

  • Silence noisy fan belts
  • Waterproof ignition systems
  • Lubricate rubber mountings
  • Clean and protect dashboards
  • Insulate electrical systems
  • Protect speedometer cables
  • Lubricate window channels
  • Remove dashboard squeaks
  • Protect rubber mouldings & prevent dirt build up.
  • Even sticking seatbelt can be freed up using DS-100 silicone spray.

photo of driver in landcover holding a can of TTP dry silicone spray lubricant DS100      close up of TTP dry silicon spray being sprayed on a fan belt part number DS-100       HGV fitter applying TTP dry silicone spray lubricant to coach plug door part number DS100

Industrial silicone lubrication

Silicone spray lubricates

  • Sliding surfaces
  • Cutting dies
  • Mould release
  • Heat sealing equipment
  • Spatter guard (prevents adhesive build up)
  • Lubricates knives / saw blades & needle points
  • Cutting table surface
  • Prevents ice adhesion
  • Repels ink and water
  • Lubricates curtain and vertical blind tracking.

Home silicone lubrication

DS-100 dry silicone spray lubricant is one of the most universal lubricants available.

Its applications are endless.

  • Spray on ski equipment
  • Sailing and boating equipment
  • Preserves rubber o-rings in swimming pool filter equipment.
  • Curtain tracking
  • Vertical drape tracking
  • Frees sticky draws / sliding windows and door tracking
  • Hinges
  • Garage door
  • Zippers
  • Luggage
  • Treadmills
  • Gardening equipment.

Marine silicone lubrication

Due to silicones ability to resist salt water and air you can use to protect fishing equipment. In addition it prevents corrosion and is therefore widely use for sailing and boating equipment.

Silicone spray applications

  1. Lubricates & feeds rubber
  2. Water resistant - repels water
  3. Will not harm plastics, rubber and nylon
  4. Does not run - stays where it is sprayed
  5. Makes assembly and dismantling easy
  6. Isolates and protects againest moisture & oxidation - prevents corrosion
  7. Provides protection under most adverse conditions
  8. Prevents arcing on electrics
  9. Promotes longer life in rubber
  10. Adheres - does not wash off
  11. Clear and non-staining

Technical sheets for DS-100

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