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Radfix radiator stop leak dilution rate

Radiator Stop Leak


Rad-Fix has a unique NON CLOG formula that seals quickly and permanently leaks in radiators and packings, as well as hairline cracks in engine blocks and cooling systems.

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radiator stop leak saves hours of labour

Radiator stop leak

The non clog radiator stop leak

Customers have a huge choice when it comes to radiator stop leaks hence it can be a difficult choice. Unfortunately many products can do as much harm as good. Some products can block the heater matrix or the water pump. RAD-FIX is a non clog radiator stop leak.

TTP Rad-Fix prevents and seals water leaks for all Radiators, Cooling Systems, Heater Matrix and Engine Blocks. We have  manufactured RAD-FIX without compromise hence this product has the ability to perform in the most arduous of applications.

RAD-FIX radiator stop leak for cars

For most cars a single bottle of RAD-FIX is sufficient. One bottle will treat a 25ltr cooling system.

Customers can add even if anti-freeze is present in the system as it is compatible.

photo of front of car showing water leaking from the cooling system, non clog radiator stop leak                      photo of driver in landrover holding bottle of non clog radiator stop leak TTP Radfix


RAD-FIX radiator stop leak and commercial vehicles

Photo of exposed leaking radiator of caterpillar 345B before being treated with TTP Radfix non clog radiator stop leak          HGV fitter in front of damaged commercial vehicle radiator with bottle of TTP Radfix non clog radiator stop leak           TTP salesman carrying boxes of TTP Duraslip and TTP Radfix non clog radiator stop leak with TTP van in background

Customers with commercial vehicles or heavy plant can rely on RAD-FIX.

To calculate how much RAD-FIX to use simply divide the number of Ltrs in the vehicle cooling system by 25. Hence a truck with 50ltrs of water in the cooling system will require 2 x bottles of RAD-FIX.

Instructions for use of RAD-FIX non clog radiator stop leak

  1. Rinse out the system
  2. Open the heater valve (heater switch on)
  3. Run the engine until warm
  4. Shake well bottle of RAD-FIX and pour into radiator
  5. Run engine for at least 5 minutes
  6. After cooling bring the coolant up to standard


  • Can be used in all types of radiators.
  • Does NOT CLOG the cooling system.
  • Can be used with all types of anti-freeze.
  • Is compatible with different water-based coolants.
  • Helps prevent corrosion and aids water pump lubrication.


RAD-FIX technical sheets

RAD-FIX video

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