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Plastic Repair


Ideal for professional bumper repair -Ultrafast multipurpose 2 component PU for plastic repair and bonding. Ideal for repairing, car bumpers, plastic bumper repairs, wind deflectors, Wheel steps and Headlight Lugs.

Simple guide to plastic repair                                          guarantee



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Plastic Repair

Plastic repairs made easy

Professionals considered TTP90 the number 1 when it comes to plastic repairs. It will repair almost all plastic types, as a result, there is not need to buy many products for different plastics.

Customers can get perfect results following our SIMPLE GUIDE TO PLASTIC REPAIRS

TTP90 cures in 20 minutes at 20°C thereby speeding up the repair process considerably.

Car bumper repairs to Motorbike fairing repairs


Cracked car bumpers are easily repaired in no time. As a perfect 'feather edge' can be achieved sanding can be reduced to a minimum. You can prime directly over TTP90.

plastic repair cracker bumper


Replacement front grills, bumpers and wheel steps on commercial vehicles are extremely expensive. Vehicle owners can perform 'bodyshop quality' repairs with TTP90. This saves money and obviously downtime as a vehicle can be back on the road quickly.

close up of plastic lug repair on truck wind deflector repaired using TTP90 instant plastic repair                           close up of plastic retaining lug on wind deflector of truck after being repaired with TTP90 instant plastic repair                Photo of Fitter from Collins Earth works with a tube of TTP90 instant plastic repair

Plastic or fibreglass lugs breaking can be a real problem to repair. TTP90 will quickly and securely bond these back in place.

Lugs on headlight assembly units can cause real bonding problems but again TTP90 will do the repair.

Bus & Coach

Coach mirror housings are particularly exposed and as a result can be damaged easily. Replacement housings are extremely expansive. You can use TTP90 to repair cracks or bond sections back together. As a result saving the operator a costly replacement plus downtime.

Coach mirror housing repair

Motorbikes and Quads

Cracked motorbike fairings are particularly difficult to repair. And quad bike housings are very prone to damage. Customers can  easily fix these with TTP90.

plastic repair Motorbike fairing repair              Plastic repair quad bike fairing repair

Economical to Use

TTP90 comes in a handy resealable tube. Therefore wastage is eliminated as you seal the tube after usage until required again.

Close up photo of single TTP mixer tip for 2 component 50ml adhesive tubeUsers need to discard the short mixer tip after each job. This is because TTP90 starts curing after 1.5 minutes. However as the mixer tip mainly contains mixing chambers customers will experience minimal product.

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Single Tube, Medium Pack, Value Pack, Mixing Nozzles, Dispensing Gun, Starter Pack


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