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Leather conditioner cream

BecauseTTP LEATHER conditioner cream is based on waxes & natural oils it nourishes leather products. Considered the best leather treatment by many professional valets and furniture restorers. Due to it being easy to use you can bring your leather seats to a showroom shine in minutes.

Leather conditioner features

• Easy on / Easy Off cleaner and conditioner
• Longer lasting shine
• Nouriches & protects
• Prevents cracking
• Impressive showroom shine
• Based on waxes & natural oils
• Pleasant ‘new’ aroma


It is suitable for all types of finished leather (not suede or nubuck). TTP Leather gently deep cleans removing dirt and grime. The cream nourishes and protects leaving a non slip finish to the leather and the natural waxes and oils prevent cracking and imparts water protection.

You can use Leather conditioner  for leather car seats, leather furniture and most motorcycle leathers. Vinyl can also be cleaned and restored successfully.

Directions to use TTP Leather conditioner

• Apply leather cream to area to be treated using a clean cloth
• Rub well into the area and leave for 2 mins
• Allow Leather cleaner to dry (approx 30 seconds)
• Lightly polish the leather to a showroom finish using a seperate cloth


See video of LEATHER below

Video icon for TTP Leather

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