FREEZE-OFF releasing aerosol for seized connections


Frees seized connections in seconds

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Release spray for seized bolts

TTP FREEZ-OFF is a release spray designed to allow you to release heat seized or rust seized nuts and bolts in seconds.

First of all it freezes seized and rusted bolts, nuts and studs. Secondly the very light oil is then able to penetrate the rust immediately allowing for quick dismantling.

close of of seized bolt in a vice about to be sprayed with TTP FREEZE-OFF release spray part number FRZ4008   close up action photo of seized bolt being sprayed with TTP Freeze-off release spray part number FRZ4008

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      Video : Best rust release penetrant


Best product to loosen rusted bolts

close up of starting motor s=crew being sprayed with TTP Freeze-Off release spray part number FRZ4008

what is the best penetrating oil for rusted bolts?

FREEZE-OFF  Frees seized connections in seconds due to:
Cold Shock Action
Dissolving of Rust Crystals
High Capillary Action

How to remove a rusted bolt without heat

Although heat can be used to release seized nuts and bolts it is not always suitable. Especially if there are electrical wires or plastic close by.


close up photo of Freeze-Off being used to release a seized bolt

 Video of RAD-FIX non clog radiator stop leak  Video : How to release seized exhaust studs



  • Seized bolt removal
  • Remove rusted bolts from exhaust
  • Release seized track rod end
  • Free seized bolts on starter motor


10 Effective tricks to remove a stuck, seized, or stripped bolt or nut


Technical sheets for FREEZE-OFF


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