FAST WAX deep shine, non smear vehicle wax


Easy to use Wax Polish


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Non streak car wax

Easy to use vehicle wax

You will achieve flawless results with TTP FAST WAX. Probably the easiest vehicle wax to use. Therefore allowing non professionals to get the same results as valeters and detailers.

Deep shine wax

Developed and manufactured in the UK. Fast Wax quickly gives a deep shine to car paintwork in minutes.

Suitable for to new or used vehicles. Fast wax non streaking formula is silicone free and promotes a deep long lasting shine.

• Easy on / Easy Off car wax
• Longer lasting shine
• Simple and easy to apply
• Silicone Free – no streaks & smears
• Impressive showroom shine

Directions to use Fast Wax

• Ensure vehicle is thoroughly clean
• Shake container and apply fast wax to soft cloth
• Apply a thin layer of Fast Wax to each panel in a circular motion
• Polish to a showroom shine using a second cloth

Video of FAST WAX

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