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CUT-IT metal cutting & drilling paste


CUT-IT provides outstanding separation and cooling when drilling, increases the life of tools and is suitable for all metals.


Video showing CUT-IT being used for drilling


High quality metal lubricant and cutting paste for drilling and cutting.

Best metal cutting paste video

CUT-IT is a high quality metal lubricant and cutting paste in paste form, suitable for reaming, tapping, drilling and metal forming.

Suitable For All Metals
Stainless Steel
Chromed Steel

Drilling or cutting harder metals

If you are repeatedly drilling steel and hardened metals and are looking for a more efficient and cooling way to drill – use TTP CUT-IT available in 500ml.

Why use a metal lubricant and cutting paste

  • Metal cutting and drilling generates heat due to friction and energy lost deforming the material.
  • Drilling steels and harder alloys typically produces more heat than air cooling can remove.
  • It is not just the tool which heats up but also the work surface.
  • Excessive temperature in the tool or work surface can ruin the temper of both.

Using TTP CUT-IT metal lubricant and cutting paste

  • Removes heat rapidly
  • Can also speed cutting and drilling
  • Reduce friction and tool wear
  • Can be used on vertical surfaces or overhead (where a conventional lubricant would run off)

Besides cooling the paste also aids the cutting and drilling process by lubricating the interface between the tool’s cutting edge and the chip. By preventing friction at this interface, some of the heat generation is prevented.

CUT-IT technical sheets

We also sell TTP HARD cobalt drill bits.

Designed for drilling harder metals and alloys. Click below for appropriate sizes


1mm to 6.8mm (packs of 10)            7mm to 13mm (single bits)              Kits


1/16″ to 1/4″ (packs of 10)                17/64″ to 1/2″ (single bits)              Kits












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