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CLEAN-IT multipurpose biodegradable cleaner


Multipurpose biodegradable cleaner

Effective at high dilution rates


Biodegradable cleaner effective at high dilution rates.

A biodegradable cleaner that is easy to use. Just choose correct dilution rate. Clean-IT will chemically remove dirt and oil from most surfaces. This happens due to a unique combination of surface active agents, sequestrants and alkali builders.

A Cleaner that is easy to use

• Easy to use
• Effective at high dilutions (up to 1 part CLEAN-IT to 200 parts water)
• May be used through a pressure washer
• Will not promote metal corrosion
• Effective either hot or cold
• Biodegradable
• Removes oil and grime easily
• Contains ‘rinse off’ additives

Biodegradable cleaner that is safe to use

CLEAN-IT is safe to use on



Plastic surfaces


Metal surfaces

Aluminium and Paintwork

A Cleaner Indoor or outdoor

Indoor Use

Can be used indoors on hard surfaces and floors. ClEAN-IT does not contain harsh fumes or chemicals hence it safe to use in confined spaces.

Outdoor Use

CLEAN-IT is an ideal outdoor cleaner. It will clean mould & algae, dirt, grease and grime from outdoor surfaces. Perfect for forecourts and driveways. From light stains to stubborn stains.

Cleaning Vehicles

• Especially relevant for vehicle cleaning Clean-IT can be used through a pressure washer. Due to its high strength it is effective either hot or cold. And at various dilution rates (see dilution table below). It is ideal for effective cleaning of alloy wheels.
• Commercial vehicles
• Agricultural vehicles
• Forecourts, driveways and garage floors

Biodegradable so allows for safe disposal into drains.

• Suitable for use in a wide variety of industries including Marine, Leisure, Commercial Showrooms, Catering and waste disposal and collection areas.

chart showing dilution rates for TTP CLEAN-IT biodegradable cleaner

Technical sheets

Video of patio cleaning with CLEAN-IT


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