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X1200 High Temperature Anti-Seize Assembly Paste


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Anti Seize

X1200 High Temperature Anti Seize Assembly Paste is a premium specification assembly paste. Manufactured without compromise this product has been designed to perform in the most arduous of applications. Considered by heavy plant fitters a superior alternative to copper grease. Assembled units can be easily taken apart with the appropriate tooling, even after years.

  • Protects against galvanic action and corrosion
  • Outstanding temperature range (-180 deg C to 1200 deg C)
  • Withstands high pressure (2300 Kg/cm2)
  • Resists Water, Salt, chemical vapours, solvents etc
  • Makes assembly and dismantling easy
  • Very economical (1Kg covers 45 m2)
  • Contains no Nickel

Also available in aerosol version




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