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Plastic Bumper Repair

When buying a plastic bumper repair product make sure you buy one that has been tested and approved by vehicle repair bodyshops.

TTP90 is a simple to use two pack plastic bumper repair product. It is used by both car and commercial vehicle repair bodyshops.

This plastic repair kit comprises of just 3 components:

  • The 50ml tube of bumper repair glue
  • A mixing nozzle
  • A dispensing gun


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Plastic Repair

50ml Tube

The 50ml tube of TTP90 comes with a resealable top which ensures zero wastage. Simply replace the top after use until TTP90 is needed again.

Plastic Repair Mixer Tips

Mixing nozzles

The mixing nozzles ensure the 2 components of TTP90 are mixed correctly. 

Plastic Repair Dispensing Gun

Dispensing gun

The metal mixer gun allows for the easy dispensing of TTP90

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