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Oil Leak sealer for gear boxes 

Gear box oil leak symptoms

An oil leak sealer may be the solution if you have a leaking gearbox. If your gearbox is low on gear oil the transmission can heat up very quickly. If you find the gears are grinding or the gear shift is difficult or erratic you should check your gearbox oil level. These characteristics plus of course visible oil underneath your vehicle can indicate a leaking gearbox.

Checking gearbox oil level

Checking the gearbox oil level is simple once you have located the gearbox filler cap or filler plug.

  1. You should locate a container under the filler cap to catch any oil which may escape.
  2. Open the filler cap and check the oil level (it should be level with the bottom of the filler hole).
  3. If the level is below the bottom of the filler hole then you need to add oil and repair the leak.

Tutorial video: Checking gear box oil

gearbox oil leak check


How to stop gearbox oil leak

Once you have determined that you have a gearbox oil leak you need to remedy the situation. The majority of gear box leaks are due to perished or dehydrated gates or seals. For this reason the use of an oil stop leak could save an expensive visit to the repair garage. By adding an oil stop leak like OIL-FIX to your gear oil you will be able to determine if the problem is a dehydrated seal or gasket. Once the oil stop leak is added it will rehydrate the seals and gaskets and bring them back to their original shape within less than 200 miles of driving. During this period the level of oil loss if any should be monitored. 

Close up photo of TTP OIL-FIX 250ml oil stop leak part number OLF0015

How to add oil stop leak

  1. Remove the gear box oil filler cap.
  2. Determine how much oil if any needs to be removed in order to make room for the oil stop leak (250ml of OIL-FIX will treat 5Ltrs of gear box oil)
  3. If oil needs to be removed the car can be tased using a jack and supported on the side of the filler cap.
  4. Add the appropriate amount of oil stop leak. If extra oil is needed top up with gear box oil.
  5. Replace the filler cap. 
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