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Universal Motorcycle Fairing Repair Kit

Now you can repair cracked or broken motorcycle fairings easily and quickly. The TTP90 plastic repair kit has been developed to repiar all common plastics. Many plastic repair suppliers offer different repair products based on the type of the plastic being repaird. One product for flexible plastics, one for semi flexible plastics, and one for rigid plastics. Few people when doing a fairing repair can identify the difference between plastic types. For this reason TTP developed a product which will work on all plastics.

Simple To Use

Because motorcycle fairing repair could be daunting for those who have not done it before we have created a simple to follow step by step guide to bumper repair, the same process applies for fairing repairs.

The large TTP90 Bodyshop Plastic Repair Kit comprises of everything a professional bodyshop repairer would need. Normally sold direct to bodyshops. This kit or any individual items from it can be bought direct from our online store. 

Other Plastic Repairs

Because TTP90 will repair almost all plastics it is not restricted to fairing repairs. The motorbike belly pan can often get damaged. The TTP90 plastic repair kit will easily repair a cracked or broken belly pan. Use the same simple step by step instructions for repairing a bumper.

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