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Effective lubrication

Effective lubrication can extend the life of vehicles, machinery and tools immeasurably. Therefore this is an area where we have done much research and development. Hence we have designed some specialist lubricants.  As a result whether you need a treadmill lubricant or a good quality motorcycle chain lube we will have the best lube for you.

CUT-IT is a premium quality metal cutting or drilling paste. It provides outstanding separation and cooling when drilling or cutting. Therefore prolonging the life of cutting tools whilst making the job easier.

DS100 is a dry, non staining silicone lubricant. It contains the highest concentration of silicone possible. Therefore making this an extremely economical lubricant. Due to its range of applications DS100 is as popular around the house as it is in the workshop.

DURA-SLIP contains the optimum concentration of PTFE. Consequently offering maximum lubrication. In addition DURA-SLIP resists dust and grime particles and has high salt and water resistance.

FREEZE-OFF is designed to release seized connections. It gets it results due to a combination of properties. First of all it contains a very light oil which has superb capillary abilities. In addition its formulation attacks rust crystals. Finally a cold shock action helps the process.

OG50 is a long lasting spray grease thereofre making it ideal for long lasting protecion. It sprays as an oil hence penetrates well. Then sets as a grease providing a lasting protective coating.

SUPER-6 is available as an oil or as an aerosol. Probably the most universal of lubricants it is a superb penetrant and moisture repellant.

X1200  is the ultimate in anti-seize. Available as a an assemby paste or as an aerosol. Most impressive is its ability to withstand both extreme pressure anf high temperatures.

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