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Leaking gutter joint

A leaking gutter can usually be repaired easily with basic diy skills. Having the correct tools for the job is the key to success. You will need:

Step 1

You will need to examine the leaking section in order to determine the reason for the leak. The leak will usually be due to water passing over a defective gutter seal which is not fully sealing the gutter joint. This can happen when the seal perishes over time and loses its original form. Alternatively the gutter itself may have experienced movement which resulted in the seal moving out of place.

Step 2

You should remove any debris which could cause obstruction to the gutter seal and clean thoroughly the area where the seal sits.

Step 3

If the seal has merely been moved out of its intended location and is in good repair reinstall it in the gutter joint.

Step 4

If the gutter seal is badly damaged you should replace it with a new seal.

Where a gutter does not have a rubber seal system you can apply gutter sealant along the leaking joint.


Watch this video on how to repair a leaking gutter seal.

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