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Curtain rail sticking

Is your curtain rail sticking? Curtains are intended to glide freely to allow for easy opening and closing. However for various reasons the rail track or pole can become less slippy and will need attention.

Why are your curtains sticking?

There are two main reasons why curtains begin to ‘drag’ and thankfully both are easily resolved.

  1. Residue. Due to the ‘hard to reach’ location of a curtain track or pole it can be missed from the regular house cleaning schedule. Unfortunately dust in the air can be enough to cause residue build up on the track and gliders or pole and rings.
  2. Wear and tear. Over time the sliding of your curtains can cause wear and tear on the track or pole and remove the smooth coating which originally covered the plastic or wooden pole or track.


How to make curtains slide easily

The cure for sticking curtains is usually very simple.

For most situations simply applying a quality dry silicone spray to the track or pole will ensure a perfect gliding action.

If the above does not have the desired effect or if it is evident that there has been a build up of residue then the pole or track will need to be cleaned. Cleaning can be done with warm water and washing up liquid or an alternative mild detergent. Wooden poles can be easily cleaned with a cloth. For a curtain rail or track it may be advisable to wrap a cloth over the top of a pencil to allow access to the rail recess. If the curtain rail gliders or rings need cleaning they should be removed for easy cleaning.

Once cleaning has been completed and the surface is dry it is advisable to treat the surface with a dry silicone spray.

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