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Glue For Plastic

Which Glue For Plastic

When you are chosing a glue for plastic the biggest problem is deciding which glue to use.

There are literally hundreds of adhesives on the market for bonding plastic. Some will work for flexible plastics, some will glue semi-flexible plasstics and some will perform best on rigid plastics.

Trying to identify which type of plastic you need to glue can be an impossible task.

The solution is to use a universal glue for plastic – one which will bond almost all types of plastic. 

Glue for plastic image

TTP90 is a professional, 2 component universal plastic repair product.

It will bond almost any plastic and cures within 20 minutes (at 20 deg).

It has a resealable lid ensuring zero wastage.

It is widely used in the vehicle repair industry where instant results are required.

Glue for plastic components

TTP90 Glue for Plastic is a truly simple product to use.

  1. The tube is simply inserted into the dispensing gun
  2. The top is removed and a mixer nozzle twists onto the top of the tube
  3. The first couple of centimetres are discarded to ensure well mixed solution

Once the glue has been applied to the plastic to be bonded the parts should be left in place for approx 20 minutes.

The mixer tip should be removed from the top of the cartridge and the mixer tip discarded

The cartridge top should be replaced, sealing the cartridge until it is needed again


If you are looking to do a vehicle bumper repair or motorbike fairing repair check out our simple guide to plastic repairs

Close up photo of TTP 2pack 50ml instant plastic repairs PU adhesive part number TTP90
Close up of TTP metal application gun for 50ml 2 pack adhesive part number TTP91
Close up photo of TTP bag of 10 x mixer tips for 50ml 2 pack adhesive part number TTP92
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