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DAF Fuel tank protection

Commercial vehicles can suffer badly when it comes to external fuel tank protection. The exposed nature of the fuel tank means that it is constantly exposed to the elements. Impact from stones and exposure to salt water will speed up the corrosion.

Fuel tank protection

Of course there are many solutions on the market to offer rust prevention. However many of these coatings offer limited protection against stone chips. Once the protective coating is broken corrosion can start.

Ultimate corrosion protection

We are always delighted at Tough Technology Products to see our products being used for new applications. And so we were delighted when a customer showed us his approach to fuel tank protection.

                                                     Rust proofing a fuel tank with PROBOND

TTP PROBOND was used to cover the most vulnerable areas of the fuel tank. This coating once cured will provide an extremely resistant thick rubberised coating which will resist both stone chips and the effects of salt water. Some of the properties making it a great choice for both stone chip and corrosion protection include:

  • Will bond to most metals
  • Will cure with zero shrinkage
  • Will resist UV, weather, water, moisture and mould
  • Has a temperature resistance range  from -40°C to + 100°C

Probond is widely used in the commercial vehicle repair industry for bonding metal to metal and metal to plastic.

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