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Engine oil leak

Car engine oil is vital for the effective running of your vehicle. As such it is wise to monitor the oil level regularly as a leak may not always be visible. It is advisable to check the engine oil dipstick every month to ensure no oil leak is evident.

Signs that you may have an oil leak include

  1. Oil stain under your car
  2. Low oil level seen when you check oil
  3. Warning oil light on dashboard
  4. Warning temperature gauge on dashboard
  5. Burning smell from the engine compartment

If you are aware of any of the above signs it is important to investigate further to establish if you have an engine oil leak.

Common causes of engine oil leak 

Although there are many possibly reasons for an engine oil leak the most common cause by far is a dehydrated or perished gasket or seal. These seals over time can lose shape and then allow oil to pass. Other possible causes of an engine oil leak include faulty filler cap, split hose or even a damaged oil pan.

It is important to fix an engine oil leak as lack of oil in the engine can cause unnecessary wear and tear on moving parts with the engine and this can lead to expensive repairs or even total engine failure. 

Engine oil stop leak

If you feel the oil is leaking due to a perished gasket or seal it would be wise to use an engine oil leak sealer. OIL-FIX is a premium grade engine oil stop leak which will gradually rehydrate perished seals and gastkets bringing them back to their original shape. This will prevent the oil seeping past where the seal was not fitted correctly.

How to use oil stop leak 

To use an engine oil stop leak like OIL-FIX you ned to follow the following steps

  1. Determine how much oil your car engine holds.
  2. Add appropriate amount of OIL-FIX to engine oil (250ml of OIL-FIX will treat 5ltrs of engine oil)
  3. Top up oil level with normal engine oil.
  4. Run car as normal.
  5. OIL-FIX will rejuvenate seals and gaskets with 200 miles of driving

If leak is still evident after OIL-FIX treatment then you should bring vehicle to a garage for inspection.

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