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Good electrical connections

Clean and secure electrical connections are vital in order to maintain voltage. Especially if the connection is exposed to vibration or moisture. Therefore we offer a range of easy to use electrical products to ensure connections can be protected against moisture ingress and vibration.

ELECTRO-CLEAN is a professional grade  electrical contact cleaner and component cleaner.Because it comes with a brush attachment it enables thorough easy cleaning. In addition it is safe to use ECU’s, plastic and paint.

HEAT-SHRINK is a superior adhesive lined heatshrink tubing. Available in economical 1.2mtr lengths and kits. And in a complete range of sizes. As a result ideal for both domestic and industrial requirements.

SOLDER-SHRINK offer the ultimate in electrical connections. With built in solder and adhesive sealing rings these connections will join, solder, insulate and seal. Used in the most demanding of applications these connections do not fail.

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