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Distributors and stockists

We at TTP are always looking for suitable distributors and stockists. Suitable applicants will ideally either have a track record in selling repair and maintenance products. Or will have established connections within the target markets.

Product feedback

Please share your feedback on any TTP products you have used.  Because application photos or tips and tricks will help other potential customers.

New product suggestions

Let us know if there is a new product you feel should be developed. Or if an existing product in the marketplace should be improved. We listen to our customers and often develop new products for specific applications.

Application stories

If you have any application stories do share them. We will publish any we think other customers would find helpful. The more unusual the better. Include photos and videos if possible.

“We would love to hear from you so please complete the form, email or phone us with your questions, ideas or suggestions”
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Postal address – we do not have a showroom – orders shipped direct from warehouse

Tough Technology Products Limited, 5 Brooklands Place, Brooklands Road Sale, Cheshire M33 3SD

Tel 0044 800 772 0996      email sales@ttproducts.com

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