Premium valet range

Create the perfect showroom shine using TTP premium valet products. A range of leading-edge wax’s, restorers and cleaning products to enhance and protect your vehicle.

Bumper gel

BUMPER is a long life bumper & trim restoring gel. You can restore faded bumper to like new in seconds due to its fast acting formula.

Vehicle wax

FAST WAX is an easy to use no streak wax. Guaranteed to bring a deep shine to paintwork on new or old vehicles.

Glass cleaner

GLASS is ideal for valeting due to its fast dring time. Because it polishes glass and mirrors without any streaks you can be confident of perfect results every time.

Leather conditioner

LEATHER is a high end nourishing creanm and conditioner for leather. Based on waxes and natural oils LEATHER leaves leather with a pleasant ‘new’ aroma.

Plastic restorer

TRIM & DASH restores tired looking plastic trim and vinyls to almost new condition. Enthusiasts favour this restorer due to its non skicky formula.

Tyre shine

TYRE will enhance the colour and shine of tyre rubber. You will achieve a deep natural weather resistant shine due to a unique blend of solvents and silicones.

Vehicle shampoo

WASH & WAX is a superb vehicle shampoo and wax. Effective at high dilutions. You will leave a water repellant finish on your paintwork.

Alloy wheel cleaner

WHEELS will quickly remove brake dust and grime. This acid based wheel cleaner will leave your alloys as new.

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