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Bumper Repair Made Simple

Bumper repair products come in many shapes and sizes. Most effective products are designed for the professional vehicle bodyshop. For this reason it is difficult to find a product which both works properly and is easy to use. TTP90 is a professional plastic repair product which is used by main dealer vehicle body repair shops. It has been designed with simplicity in mind. Therefore it can be used by repair novices who follow the simple instructions provided.

What will it repair?

TTP90 plastic repair kit will repair almost every plastic used with the vehicle industry. So whether you have a cracked bumper on your car, a broken grill on your truck or a damaged fairing on your motorbike TTP90 will fix it. 

Bumper Repair Kit

TTP90 Bumper repair kit is a simple to use plastic repair system. It comprises of 3 just components.

Application Gun

TTP90 Tube

Mixing Nozzle

11 Step Bumper Repair

A professional plastic bumper crack repair can be achieved easily if you follow our 11 step bumper repair guide.

   Step 1


  • Drill a small diameter hole where the crack ends
  • This is to prevent the crack from spreading

   Step 2


  • Cut a ‘V’ groove on front of bumper
  • Use a knife or sanding machine. If using a sanding machine avoid heating plastic too much

   Step 3

  •  Sand front and back of repair area with P180 sandpaper

  • Sand approx 2cm wider around repair area and avoid overheating plastic bumper 

   Step 4


  • Clean the repair area with a plastic cleaner


  • Allow to dry completely

   Step 5

  • Cut reinforcemnt tissue to size roughhly 2cm wider and longer than repair area

  •  Reinforcement tissue is only used at back side of damaged bumper

   Step 6


  • Remove sealing cap from top of TTP90 cartridge by turning 180 degrees and releasing 


  •  Place a mixer tip on top of cartridge and lock by twisting 180 degrees

  • Insert cartridge into dispensing gun

   Step 7


  • Discard 4cm of TTP90 prior to applying to bumper


  • This is to ensure TTP90 is mixed correctly

   Step 8


  • Apply TTP90 directly onto reinforcement tissue equal to length of repair


  • Ensure tip of nozzle is always in product this will prevent air from getting into repair and causing air bubbles

   Step 9


  • To the rear of the bumper apply the reinforcement tissue with TTP90 and press softly –  just enough pressure so TTP90 flows through to front of bumper


  • At front of bumper spread gently the TTP90 so complete crack is covered. Allow to dry 

   Step 10


  • Once TTP90 has cured sand the surface with grade P180 sandpaper. Do not overheat the plastic 


  • Finish sanding with P320 sandpaper for smooth finish

   Step 11


  • After surface has been sanded filler may be applied if required

  • For painting follow instructions of paint manufacturer
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