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Adhesives & Sealants

Plastic repairs

TTP90 is an easy to use universal plastic repair product. Ideal for repairing cracked plastic bumpers on cars or front grills on trucks. TTP90 will enable professional repairs to be done without the expense of visiting a bodyshop. See our simpe guide to plastic repair.

Structural bonding

POWER-FIX is a high strength, rapid curing structural adhesive. Designed to be used by professionals where strength of bond can not be compromised.

Thread locking

T-LOCK is a simplified thread locking range. With only three products to choose from. Make your choice based on required strength and gap filling requirement.

Sealing & Bonding

PRO-BOND is a truly universal product. It will bond or seal almost anything. Even when surfaces are wet! With fast curing and high bond strength this is a real favourite with builders, joiners and fabricators.


Instant gasket makers

PROSEAL-300 is a high temperature liquid gasket maker. Available in black or red. Resistant to fuels and oils it can create any shape gasket in seconds. Therefore eliminating the need for workshops to carry multiple gasket types.


Clear superglue

SURE-FIX is a fast acting clear superglue. With its high tensile strength and an anti-block top this is a real favourite in every maintenace department.


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