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Fan belt noise fixes

Fan belt noise can be a terrible annoyance whilst driving. Thankfully the fix is often something which does not require a mechanic.

Why is my fan belt squealing?

If your fan belt is making a squealing noise it is because it is slipping on the pulleys which it is looed around. Once you discover the reason it is slipping you can normally fix this without too much trouble.

The common raesons for a fan belt noise are:

  • Lose fan belt. If the tension on the fan belt is not high enough then the belt will be prone to slipping. There should be approximately 1/2″ movement in the fan belt if you press on it. If the belt moves much more than this it will need to be tightened.
  • Contamination. You should check the fan belt to ensure it has not been contaminated with any oil. If there is obvious oil on the fan belt you should clean the belt and pulleys. If you are unable to remove oil deposits effectively you may have to replace the fan belt.
  • Misalignment. Ensure that the belt is mounyed completely straight on the top pulley. If the belt is not allighned correctly it will squeak.
  • Old fan belt. An fan belt will in time deteriarate and lose its adhesion qualities. This will cause the fan belt to slip and make a squealing noise. By applying a silicone spray to to the fan belt you will help restore some of its grip and prolong the life of the belt.

Applying Silcone spray to squeaky fan belt 

Whilst the car is running you should spray a dry silicone like DS-100 onto the inner section (grooved side) of the fan belt. Coat the entire length of the fan belt.

Applying DS-100 will assist in rejuvenating the rubber and immediately improve grip.


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